Eurosyn and Deurex Collaborate to Expand Distribution of Specialty Waxes to the Italian market.

Eurosyn, since 1983 providing specialty chemicals to the Italian market, has entered into a strategic distribution agreement with Deurex,  leader in the development of specialty waxes. This partnership aims to meet the increasing demand for high-performance and sustainable solutions by providing Italian industries with access to a wide range of innovative wax additives.

With a focus on high quality specialty waxes, this collaboration aligns with Eurosyn’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enable manufacturers to enhance their products while reducing their ecological footprint.

Deurex specializes in the development and marketing of synthetic and natural industrial waxes, including Fischer-Tropsch waxes, Polyethylene waxes, PTFE coated waxes, Silica coated waxes and biodegradable waxes. The delivery forms also cover the entire spectrum: from quite coarse wax granules to fine, micronized waxes with narrow particle size distribution to the finest wax dispersions and wax emulsions in aqueous or oily form. They all offer unique properties and advantages, making them ideal for diverse industrial applications.

Through the distribution agreement with Deurex, Eurosyn will offer its customers access to the complete portfolio of specialty wax. This collaboration enables Italian manufacturers to leverage the benefits of these advanced materials, enhancing their product formulations and achieving superior performance.

“We are delighted to join forces with Deurex to expand the availability of specialty waxes additives throughout Italy,” said Enrico Campana, C.E.O at Eurosyn. “This partnership allows us to deliver a comprehensive range of high-quality and sustainable solutions to our customers. By incorporating Deurex’s specialty waxes, Italian SMEs can unlock new possibilities and drive innovation in their products development.”

Deurex’s specialty wax offer numerous advantages, including enhanced lubrication, improved surface properties, increased scratch resistance, and optimized processing parameters. The PTFE and PTFE coated waxes provide exceptional non-stick and low-friction properties, while the Fischer-Tropsch waxes offer excellent heat resistance and compatibility. The Silica and Silica coated waxes enhance surface matting and provide efficient rheology control, and the Polyethylene waxes offer superior melt flow and surface protection.

The distribution agreement between Eurosyn and Deurex is effective immediately, enabling Italian manufacturers to access a comprehensive range of specialty wax additives for the industries coatings, printing inks, construction and composites.