CAROi’Line Cosmética and Eurosyn Announce New Distribution Agreement

Caroi’Line Cosmética, a leading provider of natural cosmetic ingredients, and Eurosyn Spa, a family-owned company specializing in the distribution of specialty chemicals, are pleased to announce a new distribution agreement. This strategic partnership will enable Eurosyn Spa to distribute Caroi’Line Cosmética’s products throughout the Italian market, expanding their portfolio and enhancing their offerings to customers.

Caroi’Line Cosmética has gained recognition for its commitment to sustainable development, research, innovation of natural ingredients for cosmetics. With a strong focus on its corporate values, Caroi’Line Cosmética has collaborated with Galician universities and local government to support various projects, resulting in the registration of five patents published in international scientific journals.

Under the terms of this distribution agreement, Eurosyn Spa will have access to Caroi’Line Cosmética’s premium products:

EXOLIVE: A 100% vegetable squalane derived from olive oil, offering biocompatibility, emollient, and moisturizing properties.

EXOSIL: emollient from 100% olive origin, natural vegetable alternative to silicons.

SEA UVARIÑO: an environmentally friendly marine extract of Vitis vinifera, obtained from grape marc (skins & seeds) of Galician white wines of the Albariño variety. This extract boasts high phenolic content and offers antioxidant, antiradical, antibacterial, antimicrobial, depigmenting, and anti-aging properties. The product incorporates crystalline and microfiltered seawater from the Atlantic Ocean, collected in the Rías Baixas near the “Parque Nacional Marítimo Terrestre das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia.”

Eurosyn Spa, known for its flexibility, long-term planning capabilities, and commitment to strengthening partnerships, will leverage its experienced commercial team to ensure efficient distribution of Caroi’Line Cosmética‘s products across the Italian market. Eurosyn commercial team brings extensive technical and scientific expertise, enabling them to provide excellent support and guidance to customers.

This collaboration between Caroi’Line Cosmética and Eurosyn is a testament to the shared commitment of both companies to provide innovative, high-quality solutions to the cosmetics industry. By combining Caroi’Line Cosmética‘s cutting-edge natural ingredients with Eurosyn Spa’s distribution expertise and market presence, the agreement aims to meet the evolving needs of customers.