New encapsulated actives on the Italian market

Eurosyn distribution and Givaudan Active Beauty new products portfolio

Eurosyn, a leading family-owned Italian company provider of specialty chemicals, announces the distribution of Nanovetores’ innovative products in the Italian market. This is made possible thanks to the existing partnership in place between Givaudan Active Beauty – on behalf of which Eurosyn already distributes some cosmetic ingredients for the Italian market – and Nanovetores.

Nanovetores is a Brazilian company focused on the development and production of nanotechnology-based active ingredients for use in personal care. The company’s innovative technology allows for the controlled release of active ingredients, providing enhanced efficacy and longer-lasting effects.

It is therefore a great opportunity to expand Eurosyn’s product portfolio to offer new customers innovative solutions that meet their evolving needs.

Thanks to our distribution agreement with Givaudan Active Beauty, we hope to expand the presence of Nanovetores products in Italy,” said Alessandro Fossati, Business Unit Manager at Eurosyn.

This is expected to bring about significant growth opportunities for both companies in the Italian market.

About Eurosyn:

Since 1983 Eurosyn has provided specialty chemicals to the Italian market.
Because of our strong partnerships with some of the most important chemicals producers worldwide, our products portfolio provides technically advanced solutions to customers of different markets. Eurosyn does not aim merely to distribution; we offer technical support to our clients, thanks to our in-house lab at the Capralba’s facility, together with legislative support and logistics reach.

About Givaudan Active Beauty

Givaudan Active Beauty crafts avant-garde cosmetic actives and high-end specialties that make people look and feel good. We bring nature’s most precious gifts to the art of personal care in the form of biotech & botanical high-performing molecules, delighting consumers. Our extensive portfolio of award-winning skin & hair ingredients spans a variety of benefits for human beauty. Backed by solid scientific recognition and consumers’ awareness, we remain at the cutting edge of this rapidly expanding market to deliver sustainable solutions supporting the growth of our customers.