Eurosyn Introduces New Line of Organic Products by Plantus

Milan, Italy

Eurosyn, raw materials supplier for various industries, is delighted to announce the launch of a new set of organically based products: plant extracts and vegetable oils in organic/bio quality. This expansion of Eurosyn’s product portfolio demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to its valued customers.

The new line of organic, vegetable oils and extracts has been meticulously developed by Plantus team of experts, leveraging the latest advancements in extraction technology and sustainable manufacturing practices. Plantus is an expert in fermentation processes based on natural microorganisms, and uses this technology for production of most of its vegetable oils and extracts. Therefore the products have additional nutrients and characteristics compared with traditional production. The raw material for the Plantus products comes from their own farms in Brazil or from small local producers in the Northeast of Brazil and the Amazonas Region.

By incorporating these ingredients, Eurosyn portfolio will allow its clients to enhance their formulations with organic and eco-friendly ingredients with highest quality without compromising on performance. These products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safety, efficacy, and compliance with the highest industry standards.

At Eurosyn, we are dedicated to supporting our customers’ sustainability objectives while delivering exceptional value,” said Giovanni Bonanno, Sales Director of Eurosyn. “We are excited to introduce this new line of organic products to the Italian market, empowering businesses to create greener and more environmentally responsible formulations.”

Eurosyn’s extensive distribution network and strong partnerships within the industry enable efficient and reliable distribution of our products across the country. We are happy to have Eurosyn as our new partner in Italy” said Karl Hübler, CEO of Plantus Europe. Both companys` commitment to highest quality and exceptional customer service ensures that clients receive timely deliveries, technical support, and tailored solutions to meet their unique requirements.

Eurosyn is proud to contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable future by providing the Italian market with a range of organic products that promote environmental stewardship.

About Eurosyn:

Since 1983 Eurosyn has provided specialty chemicals to the Italian market.

Because of our strong partnerships with some of the most important chemicals producers worldwide, our products portfolio provides technically advanced solutions to customers of different markets. Eurosyn does not aim merely to distribution; we offer technical support to our clients, thanks to our in-house lab at the Capralba’s facility, together with legislative support and logistics reach.

About Plantus:

Plantus is a Brazilian company specialized in the production of organic plant ingredients for cosmetic, fragrance, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Founded in 2007, it has own production and farms in Brazil and the USA, and affiliates in Austria and Thailand. The collaboration with small communities and local NGOs, as well as rigid quality standards in harvest and processing of the plant material, makes Plantus an internationally recognized supplier of organic plant ingredients. Plantus has Organic Certifications from EU and USA.

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Name: Dejan Uberti
Title: Marketing and Communication Manager – Eurosyn