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Holiferm and Eurosyn Re-affirm Commitment

At the recent Sepawa Congress in Berlin representatives from Holiferm and Eurosyn met on the side. The discussion which ensued covered all areas of the partnership between the two companies. Both companies came away with a renewed commitment to the distribution deal previously signed. This commitment will see Holiferm’s biosurfactants continue to be supplied to the Italian market, with an increased supply due to the imminent opening of Holiferm’s first commercial plant which will produce circa 1100 tonnes.

The current distribution agreement in place between the companies allows Eurosyn to distribute Holiferm’s products across Italy. This deal was agreed in April 2021 and has proven successful since. Eurosyn has been able to sell Holiferm’s biosurfactants to a range of customers across Italy and build a demand for them.

“We have worked very hard to perfect the fermentation process to produce both sustainable and effective raw materials, that give customers a competitive advantage. Currently available at pilot plant scale, these biosurfactants are on track to be manufactured in what eventually will be the EU’s largest manufacturing plant for sophorolipids by Q1 of 2023,” adds Richard Lock, Managing Director at Holiferm. “Eurosyn have an excellent reputation and market presence. That makes them an ideal distribution partner for us and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.”

About Holiferm

Holiferm is a biotechnology company that develops processes for producing a range of molecules in environmentally friendly and sustainable ways. Holiferm has three sites in the North-West of England; a research and development lab in Manchester, a pilot plant in Daresbury and a commercial plant in Wallasey. Holiferm’s first successful process is a fermentation with integrated gravity separation technology for producing sophorolipids. These have a number of applications in the home care, personal care, cosmetics, I&I, agriculture and industrial cleaning markets. For more information about Holiferm and their products and processes please visit

About Eurosyn

Since 1983, Eurosyn is a family based company focused on supplying specialty chemicals for the Italian market in specific industry areas. During the years, growing expectations of manufacturers – some among the main chemicals specialties producers worldwide –  and clients pushed us to reformulate our operative model, adding side services such as logistics, formulative assistance and regulatory one. What is at stake is the future. A future made very uncertain by numerous critical factors, but to which Eurosyn looks with the awareness that flexibility, family continuity, long-term design capacity and strengthening of the relationship with our partners, will continue to be characteristic factors of our commitment. For more information please visit