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Safety and Environment

Eurosyn S.p.A. believes that the adoption of a Management System is essential to ensure and reconcile the corporate purposes and the needs of safeguarding the Safety and Health of workers, population and Environment, in compliance with the requirements of current legislation.

Eurosyn therefore believes that the identification, management and control of the aspects of Health and Safety and prevention of Major Accidents related to its products and processes is an integral part of a good and responsible business management.

The storage of hazardous substances, beyond the specific threshold limits provided for in Annex 1 of Legislative Decree 105/15, includes Eurosyn among the “Activities at Risk of Major Accident of Lower Threshold”.

This decree imposes the application of the so-called SGS-PIR, which unlike the management systems characterized by voluntariness (quality, environment, safety, etc.), is mandatory for the plants concerned and complies with Annexes 2, B and H of the decree.

In this perspective, the mandatory nature of the SGS-PIR becomes for Eurosyn an opportunity for integration, including topics such as Health and Safety (UNI ISO 45001: 2018) and the Environment (UNI ISO 14001: 2015) already compliant with the HLS standard.

It is a dynamic system based on sequence: “planning, implementation, verification, review”. In this logic, the management system is examined and evaluated periodically in order to produce continuous improvements in the management of the Plant and counteract any emergency situations.


To this end, alongside the Management System, Eurosyn participates in the Responsible Care program, adheres to the Assic Code of Ethics and manages the Quality of the distribution of raw materials

Eurosyn has obtained the RSPO certification (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) which allows to store, re-feed and market products derived from sustainable palm oil, allowing traceability and maintaining the supply chain unchanged