Making Cosmetics & InVitality 2023

“A new wellness”: Eurosyn in Health and Nutrition market

Eurosyn, yet distributor of raw materials in Cosmetic, Detergency, Formulators, Paints and Coatings, has the pleasure to announce its entrance in the area of Health and Nutrition and the 2024 advertising campaign, focused on the theme “A new wellness”.

The key to our success lies in the capable and passionate hands -here represented with gloves that offer the apple- of our team, whose skills are placed at the service of our customers to give personalized solutions and concrete results and since this year it will be available also for Health and Nutrition.

The focus of this campaign is a universal recognized symbol: the apple. This iconic fruit is associated since its beginning to a healthy lifestyle and its incredible nutritive proprieties. In other words: wellness.

The simplicity and versatility of the apple make it the perfect symbol to represent our commitment in the Health and Nutrition sector. In addition, the apple could have different meanings in different context: from temptation and beauty in cosmetic, to perfection in detergency, to become a decorative object with a great aesthetic value in paints and coatings. This versatility shows the varieties of the products and our ability to adapt to our costumers’s needs.

Eurosyn is proud to presents ‘a new wellness’, our vision of a world where life quality is better thanks to technologically advanced solutions for people wellbeing”, said Alessandro Fossati, Eurosyn Business Unit Manager. “We are excited to continue the innovating process in the sectors where we work and explor new frontiers”.

The campaign “a new wellness” will be presented in a series of advs, info materials and digital contents that will be shared internationally, first of all our video:, and then our presence at the Making Cosmetics 2023 and InVitality 2023 on November 22nd-23rd.

Press contact:

Dejan Uberti
Product & Marketing Manager