La partnership tra Eurosyn s.p.a. e Libra Specialty Chemicals compie 10 anni

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Libra Speciality Chemicals celebrates a 10 year’ partnership with major Italian chemicals distributor Eurosyn

Eurosyn is one of the largest chemical distributors in Italy. Eurosyn is a highly trusted distribution company whom delivers excellence and efficiency when distributing Libra Speciality Chemicals. Eurosyn specialises in distributing cleaners and detergents, cosmetics, formulators and I.P.C throughout Italy. The company has distributed speciality chemicals for 36 years, Libra and Eurosyn are one of its’ longest, trusted partners.

Libra Speciality Chemicals and Eurosyn have recently celebrated their 10 year’ anniversary of becoming partners at a restaurant in Milan during July 2019. Libra’s trip attendees included; Richard Lock (Commercial Director) and Jon Dutton (International Sales Manager).

During Libra’s visit to Milan both parties bonded over dinner reinforcing the long-term partnership delivering world class surfactants to the Italian markets. This celebration was highly successful and well-deserved. The meeting was mutually beneficial to both parties as it helped them to retain a long-lasting relationship. Libra Speciality Chemicals and Eurosyn are committed to increased success and strengthened relationship over the years to come. Both parties are continuing to work hard to deliver high quality goods with in a highly efficient and effective distribution system.