Eurosyn and hubergroup: a new distribution deal

Milan, 15th June 2024 

Eurosyn, leading distribution of specialty chemicals for the Italian market, is proud to announce a new partnership with hubergroup Chemicals, a division of the international chemical and ink specialist hubergroup, specializing in the production of raw materials for use in industrial coatings and in printing inks as well as adhesives for flexible food packaging. The company also develops, scales and manufactures customized solutions for the chemical industry. This strategic collaboration brings together Eurosyn’s distribution skills with hubergroup’s expertise in printing ink and coatings raw materials, offering to Italian customers access to high-quality raw materials and innovative solutions.

With its wide range of products, Eurosyn demonstrates its competence in distributing raw materials. Eurosyn’s diverse product portfolio, coupled with hubergroup’s legacy of over 250 years in printing ink manufacturing, creates a powerful synergy that addresses the evolving needs of the industry.

hubergroup’s Chemicals Division operates two production plants in India, specializing in the manufacture of UV-curable oligomers, polyurethane resins, modified rosin resins, and more. With a focus on innovation and product efficiency, hubergroup’s research centers continuously develop and identify cutting-edge solutions to meet market demands.

We are excited to partner with hubergroup Deutschland GmbH,” said Enrico Campana, C.E.O. at Eurosyn. “Their extensive experience and commitment to innovation align perfectly with Eurosyn’s values. This partnership strengthens our ability to provide customers with a comprehensive range of high-quality raw materials for printing inks and coatings.

hubergroup’s dedication to product safety matches with Eurosyn’s values as a traditional family company. Both organizations prioritize building a culture of curiosity, creativity, and service orientation while promoting sustainable practices for the benefit of society.

Eurosyn is the ideal partner for us to bring our resins, colorants, and additives to the Italian market,” emphasized Angela Stark, Technical Marketing Manager, and Eike Weckel, Director Business Development Europe from hubergroup. “Their long-standing presence in the market, coupled with technical expertise, allows us to jointly offer an attractive package to our customers. We recently conducted a joint workshop with the Eurosyn team, where we discussed and clarified all questions regarding our product portfolio. This collaboration ensures we are well-prepared for a successful market launch.

The partnership between Eurosyn and hubergroup underscores a shared commitment to excellence and customer-centricity.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Dejan Uberti
Product and Marketing Manager 
Eurosyn SpA

About Eurosyn:
Since 1983 Eurosyn has provided specialty chemicals to the Italian market. 
Because of our strong partnerships with some of the most important chemicals producers worldwide, our products portfolio provides technically advanced solutions to customers of different markets. Eurosyn does not aim merely to distribution; we offer technical support to our clients, thanks to our in-house lab at the Capralba’s facility, together with legislative support and logistics reach.

About hubergroup:
hubergroup is an international printing inks and chemicals specialist based in Germany with a history stretching back more than 258 years. In its two divisions, the company develops innovative, sustainable products and services to enable its customers to achieve first-class results. The Print Solutions Division produces inks, varnishes and printing auxiliaries for packaging, commercial and newspaper printing. The Chemicals Division produces specialty chemicals such as resins, laminating adhesives, pigments and additives at its plants in India. hubergroup employs around 3,000 people in almost 30 countries and generated annual sales of around €812 million in 2022.